Kindle me not

No kindle here. And it’s not that I’m resistant to ereading. Not at all. In fact I have taken to reading on my iPod, and like it very much thank you. What I don’t want is another stand alone unit. What I don’t want is another thing to lose, to worry about charging, and so on. No, I want less clutter. Less things to plug in, and less things to worry about losing. Not only for the economic lay out involved but the sheer time spent setting these things up, downloading, arranging, and so on. Enough.

But yet not enough. What would be good is more apps for iPod readers, and more texts available in that format. More publishers making texts available via iTunes and so on. I am already hooked into iTunes…most of us are aren’t we?

Who wants to be hooked into Amazon? I deleted my account over the whole business of censorship not that long ago. Not that I used it much because I thought we all agreed we wanted to minimize online book buying from the pater-corps in favour of supporting the little store that could–your local bookshop or store front online source.

I guess what I’m saying is what’s wrong with iPod or iPhone? Or laptop? I read a lot of pdfs on my laptop (don’t care for the adobe eReader either but that’s another matter). Apple is, yes, a big unwieldy and monopolizing entity as well, but I have some faith in it and its style etc. Furthermore, I’m looking forward to a combination of digital and print versions of books–not one or the other. To the extent that I want a mobile library so far iPod is fine. And it’s doing a lot of other things. No way in hell do I want to complicate my life with another device. So, unless there is something absolutely fabulous that I am missing (there’s always that possibility) no Kindle for me.

What I’m really looking forward to is more poetry. For a start you might want to try Expressway, available now as an eBook with some other excellent titles.

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